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The US Defenders program is not a Motorcycle Rights Organization (MRO) but it does have one thing in fights for our rights and civil liberties. 

US Defenders drive hard for awareness and togetherness so we can all speak with One Loud Voice!  




Who we are

The US Defenders is a grass roots manpower movement established from every motorcyclist from all walks of life.  Composed of State by State Confederation of Clubs, the Coalition of Independent Riders (C.O.I.R.), and Representatives, the US Defenders work in solidarity for the common good of our communities and to defend the Constitution of these Unites States of America. 



The US Defenders Program is a grass roots movement of manpower, citizen “Biker” manpower that is designed to provide an efficient way to organize and rally a rapid response when needed on legislative issues that are of concern to all motorcyclists.

The US Defenders provide the manpower behind legislative “Call-to-Action” campaigns from recognized state and national motorcycle right organizations.

The US defenders also stand ready to assist local communities in post emergency situations, like in the case of flooding, tornados, and amber alerts, when called upon by civilian management authorities.

In a nutshell, the US Defenders are soldiers dedicated to preserving the US Constitution and applying their collective manpower where it can best serve the riding public and local communities.

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How does the Defenders Program work?  Find out more...


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US Defenders merchandise funds the efforts of the National Office of the US Defenders. All proceeds are used to buy literature and  support activities of the US Defenders. 
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February 25, 2015

Helmet bills face hardheaded opposition

With a unified voice, hundreds of motorcyclists in New Mexico cry, "No to helmet laws."  More


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